Why Use an Interior Designer?


When you think of Interior Designers you may think that they are an expensive optional service, which only the very affluent can afford. This is not always the case, there is much an Interior Designer can offer which means they are well worth the money you pay for them.

Unique: Interior Designers will help you achieve that special look you want, or are too afraid to try. They can suggest new solutions for problem areas or how to use the space in your house to the best effect.

Saving money: Designers are trained to spot things you may not, saving you getting half way through a job and discovering an expensive problem which needs fixing first.

House selling: It can help boost buyer appeal and set your home above the competition.

Budgeting and planning: Designers know what’s hot and what’s not without having to research and they know brands and prices, so can help you stay within budget.

Wider range of resources: There are some items which are not available to the general public which designers can access or they can get discounts which you wouldn’t be able to.

Contacts: In addition to knowing the products designers also know the industry and have a ready-made list of home improvement contacts that are reliable and well-priced.

De-stress: Hiring an Interior Designer takes the stress out of your home decorating project, if something goes wrong they are there to fix it, if someone doesn’t turn up they are there to chase them. Besides the initial consult and a few catch ups in-between the project will be completed for you without having to lift a finger…bliss!
Some Interior Designers offer our Reborn Collection and some even stock for us, check out a few below:

Capital to Coast Project Management; Cranbrook, Kent http://capitaltocoast.com/

Accent Home Interiors; West Malling, Kent http://www.accenthomeinteriors.co.uk/

Stripe Interiors; Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire http://www.stripeinteriors.co.uk/index.php

Claire Potter Design; Brighton, East Sussex http://clairepotterdesign.com/

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