Spring into action

A change is as good as a rest….

I like change, and it is this time of transformation from dank old winter into glistening spring that really stirs me to search for it.  Change is actually a bit of a problem for me, in that I keep trying to move house, (five times in 15 years).  My family won’t have it any more, and the result of my itchy feet, is that they are all wedging their toes firmly in the ground, vigorously sending down roots and looking at me defiantly when I look at estate agents websites.

So I need to find change elsewhere.  Today, I sit at my desk in a rather dark office, and the sun outside is pouring in the window, highlighting that my windows need a clean, and while outside is looking all clean and new, inside, well frankly it looks a little tired.

The remedy?  You’ve guessed it, a lick of paint.  It does not even have to be all the walls in a room.  Last weekend, I added an accent wall of Rich Garnet to my all white downstairs toilet; added a new hand towel and now it looks clean, fresh and my change fetish is satiated…. for the time being.  As I type, my eyes keep glancing at the walls of my office, and I can’t help thinking how great it would look in Reborns’s Bronze Olive, and if I just moved the desk under the window….

For inspiration, there is hours of reading available on colour trends for the new season.  For the condensed version for those that don’t want to read for hours on colour trends, this coming year I am reliably informed that it is the cooler, softer palettes we should be looking at in paint, (my Rich Garnet is a bit off trend then, hey ho, I think I have it right with the Bronze Olive), and for wallpaper it is all about bright patterns. There are amazing wall paper designs out there.  Have a look at Mini Moderns collection at http://www.minimoderns.com/category/decorating-wallpaper somehow these guys seem to get it right every time.

Redecorating can seem a bit daunting, I do realise that, but actually, with a little time preparing and planning, it is not too much bother.  A few nice tunes on the radio, windows flung open to let in the spring air, it is actually quite a nice way to pass the time…. it is , I promise!!

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