Inspire me!?

My lounge is in need of a new coat of paint so I have been trawling the web looking for inspiration as to what is “in” this year, but also what won’t age after a year (no way are we redecorating that frequently!).

Currently our lounge has highland peat as a feature wall and Umber Earth for the neutral remaining 3 walls, these colours go really well together and I would fully recommend them, but I would like a change.

Greys have been a hit all year and are still very big now, our intense slate is a gorgeous rich bluey-grey and goes fabulously with Grey Pearl, however, we have these two in our bedroom so again I want something else. Colour popping has also been a big thing this year, just adding a small amount of bright colour to your room, either by painting a small section (see picture of Mineral Rose) or accessorising, I am considering this: Rich Garnet is a gorgeous purple, Indian Ochre is a vibrant yellow or Cinnabar a bold red.

Mineral Rose

The colour of the season is most definitely blue, I love the blue-green tones of Stone Blue and the rich Bluejohn.

All this talking and I still can’t decide what colour to go for in my lounge, what do you all think?!


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