Cut it out wall stickers and Reborn

Are you looking for something a bit more exciting on yor walls? Paint on its own can get a bit boring. Never fear, Newlife Paints is here!

My bedroom has a lovely calm colour scheme; Grey Pearl and Intense Slate:

photo 6

However I wanted to add some fun to it which is where Cut Out Wall Stickers came in, I chose the Cherry Blossom with Flying Birds sticker, with the branch in Grey and the blossoms in Mid Blue. (Click on image below for link to Cut Out Wall Stickers website)



Delivery was very quick, arrived in 3 days. I unrolled the package and my goodness it looked scary:

photo 3

I watched the online video and gathered my supplies (masking tape, scissors and a credit card) and feeling more prepared I started with the tree sticker, all done in 10 minutes…easy:

photo 4

Next I put on the blossoms and the birds, it really is as simple as that and looks professional:


photo 1

I am really very pleased with both the colours and the design, it looks really lovely with the flat matt finish of our paint.

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