Creative solution to an expensive problem

You may be surprised to learn that our paints are not only handmade, but the colours are our actual paint.

When we started out we got some quotes for printed colour guides, like you would pick up in B&Q for the market leaders. The prices were much higher than we ever imagined, certainly for the small quantity we would be ordering (I am sure it is more cost effective if you are ordering thousands of copies). Thus, the handmade process was born:

Step one: The Painting

The colour guide painting

We lay the colour guides out over the table and find and open the correct four colours. One colour at a time, we paint out the colours. It then has to dry before being collected together and laying out the next swatch of colour chart.

There are 7 pages to be painted out, this takes a long time.

We have worked out we can do 150 sheets, of one set of four colours in an hour, add in letting it dry in-between we can do about 4 colour pages in a day.

Step Two: The Stringing

We then lace the colour guides together in the correct order and tie a knot to hold it all together. It takes us about an hour to do 100 colour guides.

So next time you are looking at one of our colour guides, take a look at the finish of the colours, after all, that is the actual paint on there so you can see the quality of it.



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