Appearing on Channel 5

We are very pleased to have been contacted by Channel 5 and asked to contribute some paint to their new series of Cowboy Builders.

“Up and down the country, cowboy builders are causing devastation and dismay. These reckless workmen are always bad news, leaving behind them piles of rubble, financial angst and heartache – and it’s up to our team to fix up ruined homes and drive the bad builders out of town. Standing up for aggrieved consumers everywhere are Dominic Littlewood and Gabrielle Blackman.” (Channel 5 show link here)

We have, of course, previously donated paint to BBC DIYSOS on a couple of occasions and have always been pleased with the feedback we are given by them so we hope Channel 5 will be just as pleased as the BBC.

They requested our lovely Bluejohn colour, directly from the Reborn Collection, so place your orders quickly before it hits the screens and sells out.

I will let everyone know nearer the time the exact date the episode will be airing, so keep an eye on our Twitter page and Facebook page for more updates!

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