Eco Additives for Eco Paint

Our new range of retail emulsion paints; The Reborn Collection, has recently been released and we are pleased to say it is the pinnacle of our recycled paint research and development project. Keith has been working continuously these last 5 years and has tested many processes and additives to find those which produce the highest quality emulsion paints.

As you will have seen from our company literature we now use Cornish Clay (also know as Kaolin) and Calcined Clay, Derbyshire Limestone and Italian Marble. It is up to our Chemist (Keith) to decide which of these natural additives are used and the quantities in which they are added, this decision depends on the colour being produced and results of the paints lab tests before it is worked on.

These natural additives improve the paint in various ways, including: aiding the flow of the paint, improving water resistance, opacity and density of the paint film and thickening the paint.

To maintain low VOC for our paints we only manufacture using low and even lower minimal grades. We do not add any solvents in our processing, but the addition of minerals further lowers and VOC.

Our paint has a beautiful smooth, flat matt finish this is due to the extra minerals we use. The colour presentation and brightness is also aided by the addition of these natural minerals.

Whether you are a natural paint, eco paint or boutique paint buyer our products have it all covered: natural minerals, highly eco-friendly and premium quality with a beautiful finish suitable for all the walls in your home.


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